It's not hard to find good help these days. Or a good deal, for that matter.

We probably could have stopped at full-service propane fill ups and called it good. That might have been enough to hang our hats on. 

Instead, we decided to save you a little bit of money too. 

By refilling your existing tanks instead of swapping them out for a new one, you actually get more fuel for less. Other places will hand you new tanks that are typically a gallon or so light. Not us, we fill that thing right to the tippy top.

It's not because we're awesome, it's because you're awesome. 






New Tanks (12 Year expiration)

  • 5 Gallon: $37.99
  • 7 Gallon: $89.99
  • 10 Gallon: $109.99
  • 25 Gallon: $149.99


re-certified Tanks (5 year Expiration)

Perfectly good tanks in all the above sizes, discounted because they're recycled and a little closer to their expiration date. It's that whole "saving you money" thing we love doing so much. 

  • Re-certified 5 Gallon: $22.00
  • Re-certified 7 Gallon: $35.00
  • Re-certified 10 Gallon: $40.00
  • Re-certified 25 Gallon: $85.00